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-35-TEMPSMART1962 Evaluation of Toothbrush Abrasion of a Provisional C&B Material "TEMPSMART”Poster Presentation11:00 AM–12:15 PM Mar 24, 2017CC, First Floor Authors:Authors:Yusuke Sakaguchi(Presenter)GC CorporationSo Ishizuka, GC CorporationNaofumiMatsumoto, GC CorporationAkishiArita, GC CorporationTomohiro Kumagai, GC CorporationAbstract: Abstract: Objectives: Automixresin based provisional C&B materials are widely used. For long term clinical cases, their abrasion resistance is important for gloss maintenance and preventing plaque attachment. A new dual-cured composite provisional C&B material “TEMPSMART” was developed with high abrasion resistance. The purpose of this study was to investigate toothbrush abrasion of TEMPSMART and compare to other provisional C&B materials.Methods: TEMPSMART (GC), ProtempPlus (3M), Integrity Multi-Cure (DENTSPLY), Integrity (DENTSPLY), LuxatempUltra (DMG), LuxatempSolar (DMG) were studied. Each material was filled into a metal mold (15 mm diameter, 1.5 mm deep) then cured according to the filled into a metal mold (15 mm diameter, 1.5 mm deep) then cured according to the manufacturers' instructions to make specimens. All were stored in 37 degree Celsius distilled water for 24 hours. One side of each specimen was polished with SiCpaper up to #4000 grit and a polishing paste (Super-Star, Nippon ShikaKogyosha). A toothpaste slurry was prepared by mixing White & White dentifrice (Lion) and distilled water (1:2 weight ratio). Toothbrush abrasion test was performed on polished surfaces of specimens using a GC Prospechard toothbrush and toothpaste slurry for 12,000 cycles. Surface gloss value was measured with a glossmeter(VG2000, NippponDenshoku) and analyzed by two-way ANOVA followed by Tukey-Kramer Multiple comparison test (p<0.05).Multiple comparison test (p<0.05).Results: TEMPSMART showed significantly higher gloss value compared to other provisional C&B materials after 12,000 cycles.Conclusions: TEMPSMART is an excellent aesthetic provisional C&B material because it has superior abrasion resistance to maintain high gloss level.Table(s):MaterialsTEMPSMARTProtemp PlusIntegrity Multi-CureIntegrityLuxatemp UltraLuxatemp SolarGloss value [%]53.26±8.41a35.62±10.15b32.37±7.67b19.55±3.55c17.71±2.78c16.72±3.07cDisclosure Statement:The submitter must disclose the names of the organizations with which any author have a relationship, the nature of the relationship, and the clinical or research area involved. The following is submitted: NONEI have read the IADR policy on licensing.Signed by Yusuke SakaguchiGloss value [%]53.26±8.41a35.62±10.15b32.37±7.67b19.55±3.55c17.71±2.78c16.72±3.07cReprinted with permission from the Journal of Dental Research, J Dent Res 96 (Spec Iss A):-35-abstract number 1962, https://iadr2017.zerista.com/event/member/336366, 2017

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