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-32-G-PremioBond3851 Influence of Number of Cycles on Fatigue Strength With AdhesivesPoster Presentation3:45 PM–5:00 PM Mar 25, 2017CC, First Floor Authors:Authors:AkimasaTsujimoto(Presenter)Nihon UniversityWayne Barkmeier, Creighton UniversityToshikiTakamizawa, Nihon UniversityMark Latta, Creighton UniversityMasashi Miyazaki, Nihon UniversityAbstract: Abstract: Objectives: The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of the number of cycles on shear fatigue strength (SFS) testing of a resin composite bonded to enamel and dentin using self-etch adhesives.Methods: Three dental adhesive systems were used in self-etch mode to bond a resin composite to both enamel and dentin: a two-step system 1) OptiBondXTR (OX); and two single-step adhesives 2) G-PremioBond (GP) and 3) ScotchbondUniversal (SU). A staircase method of fatigue testing was used with 20 Hz frequency and cycling periods of 50K, 100K and 1M or until failure occurred. Twenty specimens were used for each test condition.failure occurred. Twenty specimens were used for each test condition.Results: For each of the three cycling periods there was not a significant difference in SFS across the cycling periods for the three individual adhesive systems. Differences in SFS were found among the three adhesives within the three cycling periods.Conclusions: Regardless of the adhesives used in self-etch mode for bonding a resin composite to enamel or dentin, SFS was not influenced by the number of cycles used for testing.Reprinted with permission from the Journal of Dental Research, J Dent Res 96 (Spec Iss A):-32-abstract number 3851, https://iadr2017.zerista.com/poster/member/76165, 2017

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