IADR 95th

Dear Dental Professionals,As we at GC celebrate our 96th anniversary, we would like to continue our philosophy "Semui".The road to wisdom is paved with research from all corners of the world.Our associates around the world join you on this journey. We look forward to continuing to fulll your thirst for knowledge.Sincerely,March, 2017GC CorporationThe word comes from the 25th Precept of the Works of Kwannon Boddhisattsva, revered in Hokekkyo Buddhism, and forms one of the central tenets of the Sutra of Kwannon (Avalokitesvara).Broadly speaking, it represents a combination of selessness, pure objectivity, charity and great wisdom. Taking this concept as our starting point, we work together as a team, adopting the customer's point of view and giving top priority to creating high-value-added products oering true customer satisfaction.In a word, Semui sums up GC's corporate philosophy which wasoriginally espoused by one of the company's founders, Kiyoshi Nakao.Semui

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